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Mr K Crooks MEd BSc PGCE Adv Cert (Head of Department)

Miss P Maxwell MSc BSc PGCE

Mr P Irwin BSc PGCE


Chemistry is the study of substances; what they are made of and how they interact with each other and the role they play in living things. From research in space, to the depths of the oceans, chemistry helps you understand the world around you and opens up lots of career opportunities.

A GCE in Chemistry allows you to develop a range of generic skills requested by both employers and universities. For instance, a successful GCE Level Chemist will be an effective problem-solver and be able to communicate efficiently both orally and with the written word. Handling data will be a key part of your work, allowing you to demonstrate information retrieval skills as well as use of numeracy and ICT. You will build up a range of practical skills that require creativity and accuracy as well as developing a firm understanding of health and safety issues.


At Key Stage 3 pupils will develop not only knowledge and skills but also learn about the contribution Chemistry has made to society. KS3 Chemistry will lay a solid foundation for those pupils hoping to study the subject at KS4.

Year 8
Acids and alkalis
Elements and compounds
Chemical reactions

Year 9
Elements, compounds and mixtures
Reactions of acids

Year 10
Atoms and the periodic table
Chemical formulae and equations
Chemical reactions
Chemistry and the environment

At the end of this course pupils will obtain a GCSE in Chemistry. The CCEA specification is followed.
The course consists of three components:

Unit 1: Structures, trends, chemical reactions and analysis (35%)
Unit 2: Further chemical reactions, organic chemistry and materials (40%) Pupils will sit an external exam at the end of Year 12.
Unit 3: Practical skills (25%)

This will be a controlled assessment and will be a task set by the examination board. It will be carried out during class time.

AS/A2 level
The OCR specification is followed.

Unit F321 / Atoms, Bonds and Groups / Written paper / 1 hour

Unit F322 / Chains, Energy and Resources / Written paper / 1 hour 45 minutes

Unit F333 / Practical Skills in Chemistry 1 / AS Internal Assessment

UnitF324 / Rings, Polymers and Analysis / Written paper / 1 hour 15 minutes

Unit F325 / Equilibria, Energetics and Elements / Written paper / 2 hours

Unit 6 / Practical Skills in Chemistry 2 / A2 Internal Assessment

Careers in Chemistry

Chemistry, Environmental Law, Patent Law, Pharmaceuticals, Software design, Space Exploration, Forensic Science, Military Systems, Dentistry, Engineering, Teaching etc.

Visit the Royal Society of Chemistry for some helpful advice

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