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Mr S Martin BEd (Head of Department)

Miss S Mawhinney BSc PGCE


- Encourage and enable pupils to explore and recognise the range of jobs available as a result of studying the subject;
- Highlight and demonstrate the skills and qualities required within the Accounting and Finance industry;
- Provide links to further and higher education and employment via noticeboards, guest speakers and educational visits.
- Improve the pupils' awareness and understanding of current business/accounting affairs, and how they could be directly involved with this as an employee in the Accounting and Finance industry.


'Money makes the world go round'…. Even the best business ideas get nowhere without sound financial management. So whether you want to work for big business, be the next Richard Branson or have your own small business, knowledge of financial management is vital.

This Accounting course equips you with the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to assess the performance of all types of business organisations. It will enable you to effectively analyse and evaluate financial data so that you can make judgements, decisions and recommendations about how businesses can manage their financial affairs.

For A-Level Accounting we follow the AQA specification (content relevant to pupils is found on pages 7-14 and a summary is found on page 4). The teaching of Accounting aims to equip pupils with an array of skills, all of which are vital as you progress into further and higher education and/or employment:
- Numeracy
- Problem solving
- Analytical/critical thinking skills
- Working with others and
- Communication.

Our main requirements of any pupil wishing to take our A-Level course would be that they should have achieved at least a Grade B in both Mathematics and English at GCSE. Indeed our past experiences have shown that our strongest students tend to be those with an aptitude for Mathematics. For those pupils who have studied GCSE Business Studies it would be considered necessary to have achieved at least a Grade B to indicate an aptitude for the subject. However we do welcome students onto the A-Level course who have not previously studied Business Studies.

The basic content covers the topics of bookkeeping, financial accounting and management accounting at AS. At A2 we explore the financial and management accounting disciplines in greater depth, including topics such as partnership accounts, absorption costing, standard costing etc.

Many of our students go on to study business related degrees at university such as straight Accounting, Business Studies, Finance, Economics, Management or a combined course such as one of the above business related degrees with a foreign language, Maths or Law.

Both Queens University and the University of Ulster offer such courses and there are many options in mainland UK universities as well.

We have also had students go on to higher education at FE colleges to further their studies in Accounting/Bookkeeping and some have gone into Accounting firms straight from school where they have been trained directly in employment. For example, we have had 3 pupils in the last 2 years offered places on the highly competitve PriceWaterhouseCoopers School Leavers Programme.

Careers optionsThere are a number of careers that use the skills taught in Accounting classes that are not strictly limited to crunching numbers or auditing financial documents.

- Financial Analyst
A financial analyst works for a company and is responsible for increasing profits and minimizing the potential for losses.
- Investment Bankers
Investment bankers help clients manage their money. Their clients can be extremely wealthy individuals or companies seeking advice on managing their cash flow or raising money for expansion.
- Corporate Controllers
Corporate controllers collect information about a company's finances and put the information together in a report showing how the company is doing.
- Financial Planners
Financial planners work with individuals to determine how to protect and increase the wealth that they have. Financial planners can help people plan for future expenses like college tuition for kids and retirement planning options.

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